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Carpet Touch has over 20 years of experience in cleaning residential homes and commercial buildings, including single family homes, apartments, housing projects, hospitals, schools, hotels, motels, offices, retail, and restaurants in the Houston area.

Carpet Touch is the best option for your family or business because we use a biodegradable cleaner that is safe for your family and pets while still delivering a powerful clean. Our solutions are non-toxic and will never put your health at risk. We clean your carpets with steam rather than soap, leaving no residue behind, ensuring that your carpets have a longer-lasting clean. Carpet Touch’s team is prompt, reliable, and honest, offering you and your family master quality service at competitive prices.

  • Carpet Touch cleaned the carpeting in my living room, bedrooms and hallway. They got out all of the stains left by my little cat, who is a puker! The carpeting not only looks fabulous, it is wonderfully soft and there is no residual odor. We are in a new-ish house, and the carpet feels much better than when it was brand new. I won’t wait so long to have it done again. They also cleaned a 10-year old cotton velvet bench that sits at the foot of the bed, and it looks so much better and fresher – the velvet is velvety again. Finally, they cleaned the sofa and loveseat in the living room – true confession time – the cat puked on the loveseat - but they got it out completely and it looks new again – the sofa too! 6 out of 5 stars - I highly recommend them!